Environmental Test Bench 
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    1.ㄱㅓㄴㅅㅓㄹㄱㅣㄱㅖㅂㅜㅍㅜㅁㅇㅕㄴㄱㅜㅇㅝㄴ693ㅇㅓㅌㅐㅊㅣㅁㅓㄴㅌㅡ ㅎㅘㄴㄱㅕㅇㅅㅣㅎㅓㅁㅈㅏㅇ.jpg
  • 1.ㄱㅓㄴㅅㅓㄹㄱㅣㄱㅖㅂㅜㅍㅜㅁㅇㅕㄴㄱㅜㅇㅝㄴ693ㅇㅓㅌㅐㅊㅣㅁㅓㄴㅌㅡ ㅎㅘㄴㄱㅕㅇㅅㅣㅎㅓㅁㅈㅏㅇ.jpg
  • 2.ㅌㅐㅇㅝㄴㅁㅜㄹㅅㅏㄴ648ㅇㅝㅌㅓㅍㅓㅁㅍㅡ ㅎㅘㄴㄱㅕㅇㅅㅣㅎㅓㅁㅈㅏㅇㅂㅣ.jpg
  • 3.NEK 931ㅇㅝㅌㅓㅍㅓㅁㅍㅡ ㅆㅣㄹ ㅎㅘㄴㄱㅕㅇㅅㅣㅎㅓㅁㅈㅏㅇㅂㅣ.jpg
  • 4.ㅎㅏㄴㅎㅘ384 ㅇㅗㅇㅣㄹㅊㅜㄱㅇㅏㅂㄱㅣㅅㅣㅎㅓㅁㅈㅏㅇㅂㅣ ㅎㅘㄴㄱㅕㅇㅅㅣㅎㅓㅁㅈㅏㅇㅂㅣ.jpg
Summary Equipment to test performance and durability of element parts of each industry in certain environmental situation such as high temperature and low temperature.
Specimens Hydraulic Breaker, Water Pump, Water Pump Seal, Oil Accumulator, Etc.
Test Items Temperature Environmental Test, Temperature Performance & Durability Test Etc.
Tower Type Test Bench 
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    1.ㅇㅠㅇㅏㅂ ㅇㅟㄴㅊㅣ ㅅㅓㅇㄴㅡㅇ ㅅㅣㅎㅓㅁㄱㅣ.jpg타워형 유압 윈치 성능 시험기
  • 1.ㅇㅠㅇㅏㅂ ㅇㅟㄴㅊㅣ ㅅㅓㅇㄴㅡㅇ ㅅㅣㅎㅓㅁㄱㅣ.jpg
  • 2.ㅇㅠㅇㅏㅂ ㅇㅟㄴㅊㅣ ㅅㅓㅇㄴㅡㅇ ㅅㅣㅎㅓㅁㄱㅣ ㅅㅜㅈㅣㄱㅌㅏㅇㅝ PART.jpg
  • 3.ㅇㅠㅇㅏㅂ ㅇㅟㄴㅊㅣ ㅅㅓㅇㄴㅡㅇ ㅅㅣㅎㅓㅁㄱㅣ JIG PART.jpg
  • 4.ㅇㅠㅇㅏㅂ ㅇㅟㄴㅊㅣ ㅅㅓㅇㄴㅡㅇ ㅅㅣㅎㅓㅁㄱㅣ HYDRAULIC POWER SUPPLY  PART.jpg
  • 5.ㅇㅠㅇㅏㅂ ㅇㅟㄴㅊㅣ ㅅㅓㅇㄴㅡㅇ ㅅㅣㅎㅓㅁㄱㅣ ㅈㅔㅇㅓ PART.jpg
Summary Equipment to test performance and durability of hydraulic winch with tower type to implement practical conditions
Specimens Hydraulic Winch, Etc.
Test Items Performance Test and Winch Characteristic Test Etc.
Shipping & Towing Test Bench 
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    1.ANGㅈㅏㄷㅗㅇㅊㅏㅂㅓㅁㅍㅓㅅㅣㅎㅓㅁㅈㅏㅇㅂㅣ.jpg자동차 범퍼 쉬핑&토잉 시험장비
  • 1.ANGㅈㅏㄷㅗㅇㅊㅏㅂㅓㅁㅍㅓㅅㅣㅎㅓㅁㅈㅏㅇㅂㅣ.jpg
  • 2.ANGㅈㅏㄷㅗㅇㅊㅏㅂㅓㅁㅍㅓ ㅅㅣㅎㅓㅁㅈㅏㅇㅂㅣ JIG PART.jpg
  • 3.ANGㅈㅏㄷㅗㅇㅊㅏㅂㅓㅁㅍㅓ ㅅㅣㅎㅓㅁㄱㅣㅈㅏㅇㅂㅣ SERVO ACTUATOR PART.jpg
  • 4.ANGㅈㅏㄷㅗㅇㅊㅏㅂㅓㅁㅍㅓㅅㅣㅎㅓㅁㅈㅏㅇㅂㅣ ㅅㅣㅎㅓㅁㅍㅜㅁㄱㅗㅈㅓㅇJIG PART.jpg
  • 5.ANGㅈㅏㄷㅗㅇㅊㅏ ㅂㅓㅁㅍㅓㅅㅣㅎㅓㅁㅈㅏㅇㅂㅣ MEASURING PART.jpg
Summary Equipment to test shipping & towing performance of automotive bumper
Specimens Automotive Bumper, Etc.
Test Items Shipping & Towing Performance and Durability Test Etc.