Wider and deeper understanding Based on long experience



  Modern society is a society with a highly developed industry and technology.

  Accordingly, there is a growing demand for more precise and more reliable products for consumers.

  Since its foundation in 1994, H.E.A.D. has devoted its passion for detail evaluation and improvement of the quality of partners' products through its own production of a variety of test equipment and software.

  H.E.A.D. has been evaluated for world-class capabilities and performance in the field of fluid test equipment. 


  H.E.A.D. has provided test equipment that applies dynamic environment to various mechanical equipments used in automobile, railway vehicle, construction machine, defense, aerospace, customized software considering user's convenience, special training program, and management after purchase,

  H.E.A.D. promises to do our best to improve the quality of our partners' products


  We hope you will lead the trend in the rapid change of technology with H.E.A.D.